Odontella sinensis

Courtesy of CCMP

Name Odontella sinensis
Class Coscinodiscophyceae, NCBI Taxonomy

Length: 240 - 320 µm

Width: 28 - 32 µm

Morphology Unicellular
Regime North Atlantic, Narragansett Bay
Strain Source CCMP1815

The marine centric diatom Odontella sinensis was the first stramenopile chloroplast genome to be completely sequenced. The circular genome is 119,704 bp in length. It contains an inverted repeat sequence of 7,725 bp separating two single-copy regions of 38,908 and 65,346 bp, respectively, and 174 genes and open reading frames, of which nine are duplicated within the inverted repeat segments.

Odontella genome pic
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