Aureoumbra lagunensis

Name Aureoumbra lagunensis
Class Pelagophyceae, NCBI Taxonomy

Length: 4 - 6 µm

Width: 4 - 6 µm

Morphology Unicellular, coccoid
Regime Open and coastal oceans
Strain Source CCMP1507

Aureoumbra lagunensis belongs to the class Pelagophyceae, a class with 11 genera, many monotypic, comprised only of marine species. They are very common and abundant in the open oceans and can form harmful blooms in coastal regions. Aureoumbra is a small, non-flagelated unicell. The organism forms persistent, dense brown tides in Texas embayments and lagoons. High cell densities cause severe reduction in light penetration and compromise the health of pelagic and benthic ecosystems.