Synura petersenii

Name Synura petersenii
Class Synurophyceae, NCBI Taxonomy

Length: 13 - 25 µm

Width: 10 - 13 µm

Morphology Unicellular, flagellate colony
Regime Freshwater
Strain Source CCMP854

Synura petersenii belongs to the class Synurophyceae. This class has about 150 species of silica-scaled algae (Andersen and Preisig 2002a)

Synura petersenii . The 91.5 kb chloroplast genome of this alga has been partially characterized (Wee et al. 1993). This oligotrophic, freshwater alga is a nuisance species in that it produces volatile organic compounds that impart an unpleasant taste and odor to drinking water (Watson et al. 2001).


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Synurophyceae. in An Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa: 2nd Ed. P. C. Bradbury, eds. Society of Protozoologists, Lawrence, KS. pp. 759-775.

Watson, S. B., T. Satchwill, E. Dixon and E. McCauley (2001). Under-ice blooms and source-water odor in a nutrient-poor reservoir: biological, ecological and applied perspectives. Fresh Water Biol. 46: 1553-1567

Wee, J., J. Chesnick and R. A. Cattolico (1993). Partial characterization of the chloroplast genome from the chromophytic alga Synura petersenii (Synurophyceae). J. Phycol. 29: 96-99.

Fosmid Ends

Synura petersenii

Fosmid End Sequences

Fosmid Plate
Raw End Sequences Best Blast Results
syn1f1_fp01 syn1f1_fp01 Excel
syn1f1_fpo2 syn1f1_fpo2 Excel
syn1f1_fp04 (02/27/07) Excel
syn1 f1_fp05
syn1f1_fp05 (05/23/07) Excel
syn1 f1_fp03 syn1f1_fp03 (06/14/07) Excel
syn1 f1_fp06 syn1 f1_fp06 (06/21/07) Excel
syn1 f2_fp01 fasta (4/15/08) No Results
syn1 f2_fp02 fasta (4/23/08) Excel
syn1 f2_fp03 fasta (5/29/08) Excel
syn1 f2_fp04 fasta (5/29/08) Excel
syn1 f2_fp05 fasta
syn1 f2_fp06 fasta Excel
syn1 f2_fp03x2 fasta (8/18/08)
syn1 f2_fp04x2 fasta (8/18/08) Excel
syn1 f3_fp01 fasta (10/6/08)
syn1 f3_fp02 fasta (10/6/08)
syn1_f1_summary Excel (2/19/09)
syn1_f2_summary Excel (2/19/09)
syn1_f3_summary Excel (2/19/09)