Genomics Links:

Completed Plastid Genomes in Genbank

Plastid Proteome at Swiss-Prot

Uni-Prot list of plastid gene names

GOBASE: The organelle genome database

Chloroplast Genome DB

Cyanobase: The genome database for cyanobacteria

CyORF Cyanobacterial Community Annotation Database


Useful Software Tools:

Tandem repeats finder


ARAGORN & BRUCE (tRNA & tmRNA finder)

RNAmmer (rRNA prediction)

Specialized RNA databases:

Comparative RNA web site

Signal Recognition Particle Database

RNase P Database

tmRNA website

We make our genome maps with:

Organellar GenomeDraw



Algae/Phytoplankton Links:

Algae links from the Phycological Society of America

CCMP The Provasoli-Guillard National Center for Culture of Marine Phytoplankton